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Why are the Remote programmers from Pakistan better than others?

In this tech-crazed world, the demand for programmers is insanely high, and there isn’t a single company that has “a large number of programmers” working right now. In spite of the fact that there is still a lot of issues on the salaries of the remote programmers on a larger scale.
While there are insecurities to some of the entrepreneurs as well as horrible experiences, it is worth taking the risk. There are many reasons for that. One such reason is that the cost of remote programmers in Pakistan is cheaper as compared as other. You could get a reasonable programmer who fits your need, and he will still be well within your budget. Thus, even if there is a little issue in the program, it could always be adjusted for a little extra money as it would still be well worth it.
Even today, there is a large number of programmers from Pakistan working in the companies overseas. It is a God-gifted skill to programmers for this reason that they are well renowned in the coding community. Thus, it enables the people looking to hire a programmer to help trust the guys from Pakistan as they have already seen their worth and is economically feasible too.
Taking into account the companies hiring the programmers from Pakistan, corporate giants like Google, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, Twitter, and Goldman are always looking to hire from Pakistan and surroundings, and there are even hiring offices of theirs.
Just to be clear on any doubts or concerns, it is always better to conduct an interview before hiring any remote programmer. You won’t be disappointed by what he has to offer, the skill set he has and the potential to complete the task in the time frame.
One such way to make this sure of your spending is to hire a local project manager. This will help in providing a buffer between the client and developers; they can make sure that not-technical sides of the projects are communicating accordingly, and in case something goes bad, they can make sure decision hiring the developers overseas has taken care of.