Ruby on Rails

RoR is open source and optimized for building web applications with agility & speed. So compared to other languages building custom web solutions is fast & easy with RoR which results in less cost as well. For these traits RoR is one of the most popular and wanted skill in our Software industry. Rails is known to accomplish a lot with very small pieces of code which in turn results in faster development, less bugs, scalable & efficient web application.


Accure Technologies  has been in market for 9+ years and has delivered quite a bit of RoR work from start. Our rails team has more than 10 developers who are dedicatedly working with RoR with top notch development skills along with great communication skills. Engineers at Accure Technologies have expertise in test driven development and collaboration and code reviews are encouraged. This allows us to deliver best quality software to our clients and better return on investments for our clients.

Ruby on Rails Development

Our Developers are handpicked and work under expert supervision so that end result is achieve efficiently and a quality product is built. If you need a RoR developer in New York, Please drop us a line. We are affordable and provide after delivery bug fixing and maintenance services along with quality project delivery. Finding RoR developer in New York is difficult and expensive, We will work with you to fit your needs within available budget.

We work on different engagement models with our clients based on their situation and preferences. Fixed price model is where the client provides requirements and we provide a fixed estimate for end to end delivery of the product. The other model we work is hourly model where you can hire a Programmer directly just like you hire in your office. This resource works 100% of time on your tasks and is in direct communication with you. Hourly model is suitable for Technical clients or for projects where a lot of changes are expected.

We follow agile process and test driven development (TDD) with continuous integration with close communication and collaboration. We are well versed with all the popular version control systems for source code and other assets. Drop us a line and lets hit the market with your product.