Android Development

Android market is huge and has highest share in market for phones especially in developing economies. There are close to 1 billion android phones so if you want your application to reach maximum audience Android app development becomes a vital requirement. If you are looking for a Mobile App developer, within budget, Then shoot us a line. We will help you hit the market with your idea with best possible implementation.

android apps development

We work with you starting from documenting the idea to creating wire-frames and then Creating Awesome User interfaces and then developing an optimized app for best user experience. Our team of Designers & UI engineers will provide multiple design options based on your preferences so that the end result looks exactly as you imagined that idea.

We have delivered over 200 android applications and some of those have 10-million+ users. We simply hire the best of engineers and that helps us deliver quality work and on time. We remain engaged with our clients after delivery & help them fix issues faced with initial users. This way the application stabilizes and matures to give quality experience and services to its target users.Android-app-development

Fragmentation is one of its unique features and presents are a challenge for developers to keep the UI experience stable. We have been developing for different Mobile platforms for over 6 years now and our engineers have experience integrating all kinds of layouts in the application. We build UIs and designs that users love and recommend to their family & friends. One of our specialities include promoting your application in google play and working with you to improve user retention & sales. We use analytics data & statistical information from many other sources to make informed suggestions so that your app reaches right kind of users. We suggest enhancements based on data so that your app is always evolving and become market leader in serving it target audience.